Wednesday 2 May 2018

So What Else Hasn't Grange Told Us?

Quote of the Century
Clarence Mitchell, in the Sun, April 27:
“They are not trying to be awkward or evasive with the press"

Grange Cares

When you think about it, it’s quite nice of Grange to let the parents, via their non-spokesman, tell the world that the Yard are giving “specific advice” to the McCanns on what they may comment on in the media but without actually saying so publicly themselves.
Perhaps they  worry about people  misinterpreting such a statement or, worse,  having to agree it with the couple's lawyers, or,  even worse, among themselves, but it does raise a few questions. Still, perhaps we'll find out their reasoning in one of their transparent media releases in the future.  
That's when Mr Rowley's replacement  might say (they all talk the same when discussing the status of the pair)  I want to make it quite clear that this does not necessarily agree the way our thoughts are progressing and about of the direction we take, on occasion, or in the face of new facts that could happen  in taking steps or stepping takes at the different stages in the near past possibly, which translated into English means, “It’s better all-round if we don’t say a public word about Kate and Gerry McCann except that we love them and want their suffering to stop, OK?”
Martin “Dirty” Brunt: But why? Do you mean such an announcement could lead to speculation…?

PJ Head Paolo do Karma-is-Coming: [Interjecting] He means they are not suspects. Not suspects. Not suspects. Can you understand that? Can you get that into your tiny weasel-cock head? Or do you want to come down to the basement with me and Protection Officer Gigante here to help you fall down the stairs? Eh? Eh?

Martin "Stains" Brunt: [to Grange officer] I take it that means “no comment”.

Rowley Lookalike: Look, we couldn’t be clearer on where our thoughts are deriving to and eventually by heading and that’s a snapshot, only a snapshot, of the present point at which we are leaving, obviously, because circumstances can be going backwards as well as in the unexpected direction of events even and telling the truth I am.

Brunt: Yes, I quite understand. Could I have a drink of water?

Do Karma-is-Coming: In the bowl over there. No, on the floor. The one that says Fido.

Martin "Killer" Brunt: Thank you so much.


Give them a Break!

But in one regard this policy of staying silent and letting the McCanns give us the news has a definite down side. Since 2013 the Bureau has repeatedly asked  why Grange has never publicly announced the key information in their possession that finally and unmistakeably exonerates the couple.

Obviously, there must be plenty  of it from five years digging and, equally obviously, there is no reason why a redacted version that gives nothing away about the real suspects can't be made public. 
Just a 200 word official précis of  the evidence – photographic, biological, eye-witness, phone-tracking - can bring us the  "demonstration of their innocence" that would silence their enemies. And the pair would at last be able to sleep at night without the continuing, and quite appalling,  long-term afflictions the couple described so graphically  in their libel claim against Goncalo Amaral.
It would be so easy! The news  going  round the world in minutes and the couple's lives changed for ever.
And there is a precedent. Look how the Yard overrode the legal nay-sayers and let humanity prevail when they broke the news on Crimewatch  that Madeleine McCann  was not in the hands of a dark-skinned, kidnapping pervert wearing a fright wig and with terrible taste in shoes. The world didn't collapse at this breach of secrecy, did it? Do you remember how much that excellent news meant to Kate and Gerry when they heard it for the first time? The Yard should bring them more of the same. Much more.

Officer Rui “The Fist” Gigante: Come trouble-maker, we go for little walk on the stairs. I show you the quick way down.

Blacksmith: [writhing]  Let go - or I’ll call Pat Brown!