Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Sneaking Towards The Exits - Continued

Nobody who has been reading the Bureau this year should have been surprised at the Mirror story on the official departure of Clarence Mitchell. It simply reflects exactly what we described and forecast, in detail, about the team: complete and welcome disintegration.
So, speaking as part of a group that has fought and ridiculed the couple and their parasites for their ambush on Goncalo Amaral seven years ago, we’ve won. We and the others are still here, thriving and confident, while the team which attempted  to destroy a public servant both in the courts and, with Mitchell’s active, slug-like help, in the gutter MSM,  is gone, defeated. We’ll come back to Mitchell himself another time; for now we repeat what we’ve told him over and over: for you the exits are closed.

In view of  the current status of Operation Grange, though, as revealed here , we don’t want to say anything more about Kate and Gerry McCann personally for the time being because of the risk of prejudice to the course of justice in the UK.

     courtesy Pamalam's site