Friday, 19 December 2014

Hopeless Fight-backs Cost Lives

We won’t say too much more about Brenda Leyland: she deserves better than to be attached to the revolting McCann circus. Nevertheless she was a Bureau reader who’d had some kind words to say about us, we identify with her rather than sentimentalising her like a missing child and, like it or not, she has become the very symbol of what can happen to people who criticise Kate and Gerry McCann. 

Whether the eventual verdict is suicide or natural causes – it won’t be anything else – makes no difference: she was hunted down and tossed aside by the MSM. That it was the man with the dirty complexion and the stained raincoat – he’ll be getting rid of that soon, just watch, but it won’t cleanse him – who pursued her is no accident. Brunt and his dirty mac  stand as representative of the whole MSM mob that made the McCanns and has sustained them ever since. He was in at the beginning, he played both sides and, like Mitchell, he will never escape from the affair.

Both of these intensely ambitious men came from lowly backgrounds with neither family tradition or connections to help them on their way nor the brains to make it in the golden UK financial world. For such people the MSM, then at the very apex of its power, influence and wealth, was  the natural route to the top. While Mitchell buffed his shoes and caught the bus to his  successful interview with the Pooterish Hendon and Finchley Times, Brunt went, quite appropriately, to the Power Laundry and Cleaning News for his first job.

One of the hardest things for people to understand about the UK MSM is that its clamorous judgements on everything cover a complete moral void: the judgements are turned on and off to order, just as newsreaders like Mitchell learn to drop their voices into a Dickensian undertakers’ stricken drone when announcing a death before pasting on a smile for the latest heart-warming tots’ story. Rootless believers in their own star like he and Brunt – and the procession of other moral grotesques who trooped through Leveson – fitted into this world of pretence as though born to it, which in a sense they were.


But that world, which brought them fame and the thing they most needed, identity, has gradually collapsed around them. At first it was only the printers and broadcasting technicians, grown hugely fat on closed-shop wages, “Spanish Customs”  and tacitly encouraged tax evasion, who were hammered by the IT revolution. When people’s worlds are threatened they fight back: there was sabotage, hate, spitting fury, bloodshed and, yes,  death before the lot of them were wiped out, not by Murdoch but the irresistible  force of technology-related change.


For the last decade it has been the journalists’ turn. Unlike the big-knuckled  Eastenders who controlled Fleet Street’s print rooms the white collar people fight back without raising their fists but the intensity and hatred are just the same, merely less visible. Readership, viewing figures, advertising revenue and wages have bled away as their information monopoly has been broken up by the net. The astonishing numbers of journalists who have bleated and twisted in the dock over the last two years is one indication of the lengths to which they’ve been driven. The Madeleine McCann Affair is another.


Readers have become used to our ritual repetition that it is the MSM, not the paedophiles, not the politicians, not anyone else, which is  responsible for the creation and protection of the McCanns. It remains true.

But it goes against the grain, doesn’t it? If only it were a politician or a boy-loving zillionaire at the root of it all! That at least offers the chance of detection, punishment and justice, a comforting sequence and a happy ending of the sort that the MSM  and its showbiz offspring constantly invent. It’s natural and in a way admirable for us to believe in such things, rather harder to accept that while, with luck and hard work, the McCann scam will indeed be punished there are no sunny uplands to look forward to, no utopia in which all the bad people are locked up and the dossier writers publicly confess their sins. The MSM will never “break” the story; they are the story.

mirror headline

Look, the MSM hate us, every bit as much as the printers hated their potential  replacements whom they stalked, ambushed, attacked and beat up mercilessly. Keir Simmons and David James Smith really do speak for all of them and you should re-read their words and the spitting, almost unbalanced, venom with which they express them, quite indistinguishable from the stuff that pours out of the Locked Wards. Summers was a journalist.  Have a look at what Tony Parsons, another of the rootless old “new men” is doing now,  the reasons he gives for leaving journalism for another, more secure, form of fiction and the bewilderment and resentment in his tone.

No writs or threats forced journalists, including the BBC, to describe Brenda Leyland in the contemptible way they’ve done since she died, God rest her soul. Nobody forced them to be selective with their reporting of the inquest. It’s what they genuinely feel. They hate us and want to hurt us and they hurt Brenda Leyland because she was one of us and in attacking the McCanns she was attacking them and their disintegrating profession. They weren’t manipulated by the McCanns and their supporters into hunting her: Dirty Mac did it because that’s what he, Mitchell and the rest have been driven to do. They don’t know any other way in a world that they no longer understand.