Thursday, 27 August 2015

Well Now

AJS writes:The Wayback affair revealed a certain loss of contact with reality in anti-McCann groupings that for the first time made me genuinely uncomfortable about being identified with them. Today I watched part of a Richard Hall video, also  for the first time, this one being a sort of news bulletin and was even more shocked, not so much by the content – with one exception – but by the number of people who have supported someone who appears unaware of which planet he inhabits.
The exception was when Hall started plugging a book by a Holocaust denier, a person who he also featured in a separate, highly friendly, part of his bulletin later on. His weasel words that he wasn’t supporting the book,  because he didn’t know whether it was true or not since he “wasn’t around” at the time of the Holocaust were laughably mendacious. As was his invitation to viewers  to contact him if they could refute the book –  meaning they’d have to put money in his friend’s pocket to read it first, wouldn’t they?
Didn't know whether it was true or not? Anyone with more than a primary education knows that the Holocaust details have been established with certainty, a certainty that was forensically confirmed, moreover, in the David Irving libel trial sixty years after the war ended. There are no mysteries about its execution, though there are plenty about the human behaviour behind it.
Yet Hall, like Bennett, has fired first and left the known  evidence for another time, or rather, again like Bennett, for never, and has put his plug out for an author who claims that the place where my stepfather’s large family was slaughtered, Auschwitz, wasn’t bad at all – why it had a swimming pool and a library for its lucky guests. And Harry’s family couldn't  really have been gassed since there weren’t any gas chambers there.
We’ve tried, unsuccessfully,  on the Bureau to shame people into deserting sites like Havern’s on the grounds not of disagreement but of moral choice,  that supporting and participating in their activities is wrong, putting them on the same level as the hateful and repellent  Kate and Gerry McCann themselves; on the grounds that these supposed “research” sites have never added a single real  fact to what we know from the documents and what most of us knew in 2009. Not one. And that all their members have ever done is distort those known facts as a recreational activity. And that they actively support malicious operators  who, for reasons of their own, pick on innocent people to hurt and defame, the Smiths being the most prominent example. And because they never provide evidence for anything, only unsubstantiated claims in those  wondrous words "all in my opinion".
Clearly we’re out of touch with the majority of the anti-McCann movement and its actions and aspirations. To them we just seem sour old killjoys, spoiling their fun.  All we can see are a majority of people in that movement resolutely refusing to accept evidence as the criteria. But without evidence, proper evidence, as I've said before, there are no signposts, no correctives to the wilderness of self-deception and wishful thinking. And no yardsticks or methods for identifying charlatans. Not the least of the horrible consequences of the McCanns' lying is that so many people, having been led into this wilderness by crooks and opportunists, have lost their moral bearings in it  and are in denial about their own behaviour. 
And eventual corruption. There are many rich absurdities to be found in the performances of “authorities”  like Bennett and  Hall but  giving favourable airspace  to a Holocaust denier is not one of them. For us it is a defining moment, just as the death of Brenda Leyland was a defining moment, and we’re running away just as quick as we can  from the anti-McCann movement which has produced this disgrace  and which will no doubt make excuses for it, as it always has done for  Bennett, Marsden and co.
Comment on the McCann affair now ends and I’ll be re-opening the original Bureau  instead as a focus for our five thousand or so regular readers should they wish to join us. I’ll post news about that soon.