Tuesday 30 October 2018

Interim Status Report

The beginning of Act III of the McCann opera drama [Editor's correction]is a good time to look at how our friends the Usual Suspects are handling the critical events of 2018 so far. Are they behaving as we predicted they would - looking for other things to write about now that events have side-lined them?   Our founder  JB assesses  two of them, unfortunately still at times under the influence of parts one and two of the Ring at the weekend:

Pat Brown

“In other words, four people from vastly different backgrounds and skill sets, four people* who have a great deal of knowledge of the Madeleine McCann case, all agree that a whitewash is in the making.”
(*Goncalo Amaral, Pat Brown, Tony Bennett, Lizzie Borden)

Present Activities
ABM - Anything But Madeleine. Tired; out of the loop."Looking for other things to write about"? You bet. Her Twitter site reads like one of those well-meaning but embarrassing turn-of-the-century web pages when East Coast American grannies gave up their  round-robin letters (because everyone was dying off), discovered the net and filled it with blogged images of their surly and delinquent (“adorable”) grandchildren, cake-making recipes, blurry New England trees in the fall and, naturally, progress pics of potty training. Suits her better. ABM.
Present Stance
Stuck in the past. Where else? She lives off  her repeated claims that Operation Grange is a whitewash and incompetent – an interesting claim since if it’s incompetent then it obviously won’t know how to wield a whitewash brush – under the direction of politicians. Where do you go with that?
Miss Brown is, we are told,  a  “professional”. Her qualifications consist of a  liberal arts BA from the rather unusual University of the State of New York (unusual because it is not a university) in 1982 and eventually – she was, ahem, fifty two  –  an MA in criminal justice (not criminology).  Has met Goncalo Amaral, which she apparently counts as a qualification.  Office? In amateur showbiz land. 
Theory Category
Imagination based. “Remit” hunter. McCanns will escape justice. She knows you know. How does she know? Ahh.  
Solidarity With
Joanna Morais. Tony Bennett. Lizzie Borden. Richard Hall.
Any Development?
No. She proudly states that her assessment of Operation Grange was made when it was announced.
Nutritional Notes
Cupboard shelves empty.
M/S Brown has long laid out her stall, alongside various advertisements for her works etc., all available for comparison with events as they unfold. We look forward to that process, we suspect, rather more than M/S Brown does.

Mr Bennett

Go thou to Valhalla, hero. Mr Bennett in cruising gear and wig


Amaral was unaware of how badly he was misled. Pat Brown has no excuse. She rushed out her ebook without enough research. She's ignored the well-researched evidence of Peter Mac, HideHo3, Sharonl, Hobs Richard Hall et al that something bad happened to Maddie McCann Sunday 29th April 2007.

No, with respect it is you and others to [sic]convince us that there is even a jot of evidence that Operation Grange has morphed from an obvious govt-orchestrated Cover Up, Con & Charade into a genuine investigation into the McCann's [sic]. Please show us your EVIDENCE.

Present Activities
Perhaps Mr Bennett has met a fancy-woman late at night in Harlow New Town’s equivalent of the Reeperbahn. Perhaps, as that great helmet bald dome hove into view, glinting magnificently under the street lights, her heart melted, her eye [sic] moistened, her teeth clicked and she said to herself, “Siegmund I tremble with the rapture of my delight”…Mir zagt es vor der Wonne die mich entz├╝ckt!”, as little Misty would say,  and broke into passionate song outside the bicycle shop.
Whatever it was, and whatever transpired - no flat tyres! -  Mr Bennett is acting rather differently from the other Suspects. Experts say that late affairs of the heart, like madness,  can produce a surge of energy even when you aren't eating. Surge?  He is possessed. Streams and reams pour out from his twitter account daily, the prose a strange amalgam of  insult and wild vainglory as he stands at the front of the stage bellowing his defiance – sorry, Covent Garden   has got to me again – of everyone who doubts him.
It’s not heroic, exactly, but it’s pretty significant all the same: frankly it reminds me of a scientist who once went mad without warning before my eyes, tore off a page from the scintillation-counter printout  and shouted take this to the colonel! at an astonished floor-mopper before being hospitalised.
Unlike Wagner, but like his "great friend" Pat Brown,  Mr Bennett has no new tunes and simply storms out the oldies-but-baddies over and over.  PB now just wants to get her coming disgrace over with quietly but Bennett’s head veins are bulging with defiance …Amaral, he sings, my petition to number 10…researcher of mine Big Peter Mac…Murats!...Smiths! …the tubas blare, the strings shimmer, meetings in Sagres…where is my freedom of information [Screams] I shall do such things…the orchestra surges beneath him, the house lights dazzle from his dome… why does NOBODY BELIEVE MY SONGS? Now take this to the colonel!
Present Stance
Learned nothing; forgotten nothing: fantasy land. When asked for evidence he simply goes into hiding.  His "forum", with Grange-suppressed newspaper stories in short supply is, like the other Usual's places, recycling old cuttings. As predicted.
It’s all been said. However, Mr Bennett’s main legal achievement before being struck off is often neglected – discovering  the hidden joys of Unincorporated Associations. He'll tell you about those one day.  
Theory Category
Take me to the colonel!
Solidarity With
Joan of Arc. The Black Prince. John the Baptist. Kate & Gerry McCann.
Any Development?
Actually, yes. Bennett has, like Brown, largely fallen silent about events in the case as we expected but his space-filling is something special. As we all know, over  the past couple of years, ever since things started looking good for Grange [boos, whistles, shouts of FKN traitor etc etc],  Mr Bennett  has gradually switched his attentions away from the possible fate of the child and onto enemies of his own.
In the last few months that has also reached genuinely strange levels. His obsessive pursuit of his  new targets is far more single-minded and focused than his wordy and ineffective nonsense about the McCann couple ever was. To Bennett, the McCanns were just another target, like Barrymore, for his clumsy attacks and  there was always something bloodless and impersonal about his treatment of them, however offensive they found it.
But  his "personal" targets, the Smiths, the nannies and Murat,  he attacks with real venom, not so much uncaring about any pain he might cause, as with the parents, but keen to defame and, above all, make others believe they are deliberate, scheming liars. He's impassioned about it and, again in contrast to his past behaviour to the McCanns,  acts as though there is something personal at stake.
But what madness is this? Why, under the cover of commenting on the disappearance of a child, and the further, deeper, cover of running a forum about Madeleine McCann, is Bennett now getting away with a witch-hunt against  those who aren't suspected of anything and have never been accused of anything? What's going on? Bennett is acting like a semi-cornered criminal himself, like someone desperately trying to damage potential witnesses because they threaten him.  
And you, ladies mainly, people who say "we're all on the same side". Are you on the same side as someone who is acting like a semi-cornered criminal? Doesn't it worry you?

Nutritional Notes
Medical cabinet applies, not cupboard.
Must be weird if you're a follower of his, mustn't it? Like watching your aircraft pilot at 30 000 feet smoking a spliff and waving at the clouds.

More to come in the Hunger Games...

Sunday 21 October 2018

October Reflections

Flectere si nequeo superos
Acheronta movebo

Only Some Lives Matter

The true face of the MSM
Only some lives matter...those were the words the Bureau used in 2014 after reading of the death of one of its supporters, Brenda Leyland, in the British media. Re-reading the reports of her fate in Nigel's McCann Files, from the BBC ("we decided to report the McCann case from the point  of view of the parents", a policy never rescinded) upwards to the tabloids is as horrendous today as it was when I first read them.  
They literally dehumanised her: the normal rituals of western civilization which accompany and honour a human death seek to invite us to dwell on the higher mysteries behind everyday "reality" and, just possibly, help reduce the terrors of the last  journey; this time Brenda was spat upon and ground into the earth - whack- by the MSM.
They denied her the right to die in her own name. No, she was just "a troll", as headline after headline announced, not a human being in her own right at all but someone to be buried only under the designation provided by her enemies.  As I also wrote at the time, reading the words they used was like the whack of a body being tossed into an unmarked grave. I'm an over-hard person, a Scorpio who never relents, God forgive me; but I admit that I wept when I read those words. 
Not just for her but for what this dreadful  affair had become, courtesy of Kate and Gerry McCann and their determination to defend themselves whatever the cost to others. Whatever the cost. October is a time to remember just what that cost has been.
"One of these trolls, Brenda Leyland, is a church-going 60-something divorcee who lives in a pretty village in the Home Counties. She looks like a perfectly respectable woman. But of course she isn’t.
She’s a cowardly bully who hides behind her smart front door and spews her bile in secret because she doesn’t have the guts to do it in public."
Carole Malone, journalist, the Mirror 

 "She thinks she’s entitled to threaten, hound and bully the innocent? Is that because her own life is so lonely, so miserable, so poisoned that she wants others to suffer the same? Or is she just a twisted, fecked up bitch who gets her kicks from hurting people." 
Carole Malone, journalist, the Mirror 
Recently we've had a rather different kind of  death, that of Jamal Khashoggi.  
The MSM, in both the UK and America,  are  still reeling from the late discovery that most of the public - especially those who, like Brenda Leyland, have actually encountered the bastards in action - literally hate them. The MSM will weep and weep and weep over Mr Khashoggi. That's because he was a journalist. If you believe they're sincere you're in dreamland: no journalist is ever sincere.  To the MSM only some deaths matter.


I mentioned briefly the other day that I thought "the investigative phase of Operation Grange is complete". This surprised some but I'm not sure why. How do you think an international investigation of a major crime - "crime of the century" - can be carried out by four people, and perhaps a dog?
When you get down to those numbers what our military friends call "wastage" or "depletion" have a disproportionate effect. We all know the threats and dangers that Yard officers face daily, especially if they're out of their cars; all it needs is for one officer, six foot four and sixteen stone  Mick Burke for example,  to be suspended for refusing to wear the pink frilly knickers and short tutu he was obliged to don in the swimming pool as part of his seven week Transgender Awareness & Sensitivity Course at Ali Dizaei House and the twelve million investigation is down by a quarter of its effectives.

Then another officer is struck down by Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, this time as a result of seeing a Deputy Commissioner's expenses claim lying open on a desk in the Ali Dizaei Memorial Library. All we need is for winter colds or the dire consequences of a policeman's diet to result in the customary sick note and you have a Luis Neves on the phone drumming his fingers impatiently because Operation Grange is in the lavatory and can't yet speak to him.
No, come on, be realistic. The conclusions, including the "critical"  Smith lead conclusions, have all been drawn, for better or worse, and five visits to Portugal in a year is not exactly a close dragnet, is it? No, the four and a half have been on administrative, not operational, investigative duties. Some of them pretty important.  

Noise. Lot of It

When I wrote that Act Three of the psychodrama was imminent, I was thinking chiefly of the police and the alarums and surprises that the post-operational phase is bound to bring us.  I wasn't prepared for the first scene coming from the public, not police, sphere: the empty cupboard, that phrase our opponents so hate, has now begun to starve the Usual Suspects and followers out as public and private McCann support was starved out by the end of 2017. They are hungry, dispirited and very, very cross. That's what starvation does.
Readers may remember that before the McCann supporters' club lost its belief and conviction  twitter noise levels went up to a last-minute  eleven+ in both intensity and vilification. There was no sense in it - it wasn't going to affect the outcome of anything - but they couldn't stop themselves, the hatred was an inner   reaction that they had no control over. Then they fell away to their present impotent selves. That's what starvation does.
The claims of the motley collection of chancers and fantasists saying they are "researching  the case" have met with  the same fate  by a different route. The Kate and Gerry version pointed to physical objects - windows, doors, shutters - as the basis of their stories and produced a wonderful typescript from their friends filling in the gaps and providing a useful and versatile abductor suspect with a child in his arms.

Time and its acid tears, the PJ and  nice Mr Redwood and his people unpicked this edifice a  brick at a time leaving only the couple and their words; there they now stand, staring  silently into a void. Nothing remains.

The Usual Suspects  had never pointed at  anything  in the first place:  despite the nonsense about creche records and "information groups" and "research" the only pointing has been exclusively inwards. The theories came first not the facts, which were adduced afterwards by selectively picking from the Case Files. But where, then,  did the theories come from? The imagination, where else?  The supporters' belief  disintegrated along with the destruction of the parental claims; the Usual Suspects haven't witnessed any destruction because there was never anything to destroy, just wraiths. You can't destroy the imagination. Unfortunately you can't demonstrate anything with it either.
Once all the low-hanging fruit had been picked from the files the "researchers" ran out of road. Being imaginary none of these theories could ever be developed or refuted, only repeated, and somehow, so devilish are the forces ranged against the poor sods, so wicked the background operators at work, those smoking guns never, ever turn up.
That's what stops people listening. That's what makes people restive.  But where to go to bolster the theories and retain the sense of mission?  Sources like Grange press releases are much too earthbound and besides, whatever else they disagree on, they all agree  they're released  by Pat Brown's  Grange and Pat Brown's Grange, remember, is corrupt to the core and will lie to the "researchers". Oh no, you don't fool them that easily.
They are left with newspapers. And here's the first comical irony. Where do the papers get their stories from? Well, little things like libel laws mean that they've come from one source  for the last five years or so.   Do you begin to get the connection  yet? The "researchers'" evidence is coming  from Kate and Gerry McCann; and it's provided to them via the MSM, the people that drove Brenda Leyland to her death. 

It takes one to know one

Why now?  

And so we return to the four men and the dog. Whether they or the dog have called on Kate 'n' Gel since April we don't know - but someone from Grange  has, haven't they? Non-MP Clarence Mitchell gave a public statement that they did. With instructions to stop working the media.  

The Portuguese and UK police have, bit by bit, silenced the  McCanns completely, finishing them off in April when  their dodgy newsfeeds and "anniversaries" were ended. By the time the pair have  found a way round that one it will be too late: the parents will either be cleared and without any need for newsfeeds or a pre-trial situation will be in force, including the contempt of court rules on what the rags can print.
So the Usual Suspect "researchers" are left to be even crosser and starting to fight among themselves, as twitter demonstrates. And, wonderfully, it is the despised, corrupt and useless Grange that has starved them out by turning off the newspaper "sources" tap! Something just isn't right and they can't understand why they  don't they have any cans of factual baked beans, or even factual  paper darts to hurl back at the wicked NT and his like.  Oh irony, how delicious you are.

And the four men and a dog?  My guess is that, having anaesthetized the newsfeeds, they've spent a lot of time quietening things down further,  taking down the press statements and generally letting the investigation slip quietly from the mind of the greater public, if not from ours. Still, if you ring them up you can proudly tell your friends that you were reassured by a quarter of Operation Grange.

The Mystery Legacy

Back, finally,  to where we began: what Kate and Gerry McCann unleashed on us by using the decayed and hollowed-out MSM as a tool in their own defence.  After all their efforts over eleven years  and  the expenditure of millions what are they leaving us as Grange, so we're told, whitewashes them into the sunset?  
A trail of sheer destruction. What stands out most is  their essentially unfathomable genius for triggering  hate and dissent between  friends or strangers alike - look again at Malone's choice fruits above, look at what is being shouted on twitter, look back again at how Portuguese and British tore each other apart - real, bitter  enmity that touches almost everybody in their ambit. The wrecked career of Goncalo and the desecrated body of poor Brenda Leyland stand as lasting symbols of  the McCanns'  legacy. Beside that, almost nothing is of any significance, not even the parents' eventual fate.



Friday 12 October 2018



JB writes: A hello to one of our long term readers Carole Shooter. Carole lost faith in the Bureau but that was in the dark days of 2015 when more or less everybody else on the scene did, a process that culminated for me with that bellwether site, the Maddie Case Files, the only forum I was a member of, booing virtually every one of my few posts within hours of their appearance.
That was for my heresy in believing that Grange was a perfectly routine and  straight operation and my stupidity in not recognising that Martian Bean-Counter and Nick Kollerstrom (Auschwitz gas chambers were “disinfectant plants”) supporter Richard Hall held the keys to the case. The auto-da-fe culminated in Saint Pamalam demanding my head for calling honourable MCF member and serial libeller Hidiho a “snivelling coward” for skulking in Canada rather than facing the numerous young UK women she daily defamed. I got the message and slunk away. My, when people lose hope can’t they get f*****g nasty?
Anyway, Carole, I’ve seen from twitter  that your health hasn’t been good and that you suffer a great deal of pain without overly complaining about it, something which the angelic McCann supporters – motto “we care about innocent people’s suffering” – find as irresistibly attractive as a pool of fresh blood and dolphin guts to passing sharks. Hence their mocking of your suffering. Nice, aren’t they, those supporters? All  four of them.
But  Carole, apart from refusing to be silenced by weirdos, had something very sensible to say recently. We can all get behind Operation Grange. Simple but true. So simple that, when you think about it, what possible reason could there be for not doing so?
Because it's a fraud or a fix-up?  Don't be childish: if it's one of those then nothing you post can affect matters one way or another, can it? So what harm can supporting it do? And every possible objection from the Usual Suspects, the ignorant and the merely easily led is covered by the same answer. OK, so it's Martian Beans running Grange, you think - but what harm can supporting it do?
Carole's real service is to make one aware of just how little people who noisily support the McCanns have anything to say in Grange's  favour either. Oh yes, they make the occasional token reference but it's never expressed with anything approaching sincerity and it's normally used in the context of "why don't you stay quiet and  wait for the result?"
However much they try and conceal it, supporters of the McCanns [I exclude the filthy four who are something other than "supporters"] haven't really believed in McCann innocence since the Lisbon 2009/10 hearings. Until then they'd been sure that all the stuff about the PJ being unanimous in suspecting the McCanns had been invented by Amaral, the "lone rogue cop". The live twitter feed from  Sky - three cheers for Murdoch - left them absolutely stunned, shaken, resentful and disbelieving -  as I know because I followed the main supporters' site as the feed came through.
Since then  it has been loyalty and sympathy but not real belief and conviction. The brighter ones took the hint and deserted the cause without waiting for Amaral's later victories. The rest, like the McCanns, are stuck exactly in the position they were in when the bad news rained down   that awful day - like the victims of Pompeii. 
Stopthemyths forum in posting positions
If they really believed in the pair's innocence they'd be cheering Grange on.  And if the Usual Suspects really believed in their own version of events they would too. But that takes us into swampland and hidden motives and the strange determination of Bennett and his clique to help the McCanns out by doing what his friend Hidiho does - attacking and making up stories about innocents.

Stumbling Around... 

It was Tony Bennett, also in 2015,  who was unwise enough to take exception to the Bureau treatment of Hall’s arse-licking interview with Kollerstrom and the immortal way in which   Hall the “researcher”, after plugging Kollerstrom’s latest book, said that he didn’t know whether Kollerstrom’s Auschwitz claims were true or not because, said Hall, “I wasn’t there.”
Hall hasn't  got the education, let alone the nous, to realise the resonance of those words of his in that context. He doesn't know that he was repeating exactly what Nazis, and many other Germans,  said for thirty years after WW2 - until the photographs started to come out...

But Baldie climbed out of the cesspit sludge,gathered himself up and lumbered to the defence of Hall and Kollerstrom in his own inimitable, not to say unreadable, way. It was American authoress Gertrude Stein who wrote that poor, mad Ezra Pound, whose crank views were surprisingly similar in both content, expression and lunacy to Baldie’s (that’s why he spent twelve years in the nuthouse) was, “a village explainer, all right if you were a village, if not, not.”
Well Baldie has his villagers, even if they are a little whiffy with long-term cess these days, and once they’d all dried out, or crusted over, he addressed them in sonorous tones. Blacksmith was a liar, he said – but in two thousand words rather than four – Kollerstrom (whom he was pretty keen on) was not a Holocaust Denier. And he defined what a Holocaust Denier was before stating  the evidence for Kollerstrom's not being one, point by tedious and ill-written point.
Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, Bennett once again didn’t know his evidence from his elbow. It took fifteen minutes for us to select the documents showing the absolute truth of our statement  and another five to locate a quote from Kollerstrom in which the words he used were exactly those that define a Holocaust denier. And  Bennett himself had copied and pasted the definition in his post!  As usual Bennett was a) wrong b) backing the wrong horse c) unaware of the facts d) an ignorant bullshitter who provides false evidence. What else he might be, and exactly what his motives are, we have yet to find out.
Don’t people ever wonder whether those as childishly deficient in both facts, judgement and scruples as Hall and Bennett might be the wrong people to believe about anything, even the time of day?  But like I said, 2015 was the year when exhaustion and despair set in and people clutched at even more straws.

...Looking For a Way Out

Still, that problem is a diminishing one since, like at least two more of the Usual Suspects, Bennett has now started to disintegrate under the pressure of that dangerous stuff, emerging truth. His unravelling has a  curious resemblance to that unpleasant episode when he and his business partner Marsden, having worked their way into the trust of 3As forum owner Brenda Ryan, took advantage of her mental unravelling due to loss of belief in her cause to try and snatch the forum away from  her. Brenda eventually went to pieces and took to her bed, pursued by numerous email threats - of suing for libel! - from Bennett.  She’s been vacant and harmless ever since.
Now it's Bennett's time to join her. He's started abusing his own posters in precisely the same way that Brenda Ryan did as she began to weaken  and has taken to manic activity on twitter attempting to defend his reputation - and been greeted with mockery, indifference or contempt, just as Brenda was. Bennett is learning,  as Brenda did,  that when you argue a case without being able to ban unfriendly rejoinders  your arguments have to stand on merit alone. Stand? Merit? Under questioning twitter has revealed an incoherent old man struggling to present anything, like a dribbling tramp in stained trousers selling matches on a wet street corner, and a "case" that stands up, in so far as it's a case at all, like a plate of wet spaghetti. Perhaps that's why his tweets are now apparently being written for him by others. 
It won’t do any good. By the way, Mr Bennett, when Brenda lost her grip the ones who turned on her with the most ferocity were her erstwhile biggest fans and disciples. Bye-bye, Tone.  

Ode To The Tears Of An Onion

On the other hand we have the big story in which Gerry McCann, known previously for the public immortalization of one of his urinations, "opens up" on radio and discovers that he also possesses a heart.And aesthetic feelings.
I’m sorry, but I couldn’t bear the prospect of listening to it, not even for thirty seconds. I read extracts on the admirable Not Textusa blog but even with that distancing device I could hardly hack it. Their public performances these days just induce  a sense of embarrassment. As regular Bureau readers  are aware, I'm sure,  the parents have no choice at present but to mark time where they stand and say nothing more about the case, and not just because of Grange’s instructions. We aren't going to get anymore from them of  significance. We know and they know that it’s the quiet before the storm.
A little reminder to our conspiratorialist friends, as you would expect from the Bureau these days. The radio reviewer in the New Statesman magazine was not just impressed by GM’s latest performance but clearly sympathetic, respectful and moved – and without a trace of cynicism. The New Statesman is an innocent left-wing magazine for people who haven’t yet learned the hard ways of the world and its contributors are as suspicious of big power, police and monster-figures like Murdoch as anybody. Yet there we have the review. A useful corrective for that (now disappearing) catch-all that “it’s only protection that could have kept the McCanns free until now, so obvious is their [undefined] guilt”.
No it isn’t. Not as long as people like that radio critic – and unknown numbers more – take them at face value. Inside the bubble of this case we tend to forget just how large that number may still be. 
But still - isn’t the peace and quiet wonderful for those on "our" side? Unlike the McCanns, the four McCann supporters and all the Usual Suspects, Bureau regulars  can look forward with that delightful sensation you get in the theatre when the lights  go down, voices die away to a whisper  and you know the next act is about to begin. And it's going to be a belter. Take your seats.
Best wishes Carole.