Friday 20 April 2018


That's the End of That One

It looks like the purple woman  story may have been the peak of the "derail the investigation" game which has been running intermittently since 2013, a genuine, visible conspiracy  which has hitherto been ignored by everyone, internet or MSM,  except the Bureau.
This time the plotters overreached themselves and they know it. Now it will go quiet until the next stage of the investigations is reached, when the five year old strategy will have to be ditched for a rethink anyway: this one has failed. Always remember what the Bureau wrote back in 2012: "it's when the criminal lawyers start appearing, or getting mentioned,  that we'll know  the home straight is in sight." 

Sensible Posters Surface

In the last few weeks a lot of the energy has gone out of the kill Grange stuff. We've been gratified to see people re-asserting common sense at last, on twitter and elsewhere.  At least some among those who, we regret to say, have been fooled  by the hidden schemers into attacking the wrong target, have apparently been secretly re-assessing their own actions, or suddenly discovering new and Very Important Things to post about. 
Others have simply gone quiet. Of course it's always good when people start to wonder if they've been mistaken - our own non-criminal conspiracy over the past few years has been to get that process going - but it would be unwise to expect any recantations. Because, once again, it isn't down to changes of attitude or anything similar; it's down to the continuing, genuinely  magic, component  of the McCann Affair: the Empty Cupboard.
The Bureau invented that term back in 2011, when gaps first began to appear in the shelves where the Evidence for Abduction lunch-boxes had been before they  rotted away. Hunger first weakens, then slowly destroys sufferers, initial defiance and anger slowly fading into profound lassitude and then silence. Such is the fate of all those who've tried to live on the Abduction diet since 2007. Just look around you and listen.

And the Rest are Fading Away

Unfortunately our usual suspects, the Brown-shirts, the Pit Dwellers and the rest, made a horrible error in the face of this inexorable process: they thought it couldn't apply to them. It does. Why? Because of the one magic ingredient that none of us can ever master - time.   The Bureau hasn't out-argued anybody or "won" with a theory of its own, common sense hasn't struck, nobody has demolished any claims in "internet debate". Time has worked alone without anyone having to lift a finger. Time has revealed that there is nothing there.  
Abduction was the first to be starved out. Oh, some of its supporters pretend they still believe in it but it doesn't matter: it's not belief  that's missing, it's strength and energy - which need feeding - that have gone, as anyone who reads the comments of the few remaining believers will immediately discern. There are  only so many times people can post up that paragraph from the Archiving Summary before wondering how much longer they can go on.
But since 2013 or so the same starvation-at-source  has afflicted the Usual Suspects and their "theories". Just as the early claims for abduction -  what the Bureau calls the Shutter Effect -  were never followed up with supporting facts as statistically they should have been, so all the hints and suspicions of Wayback, government cover-ups, Murdoch protection and the rest have been followed up by nothing - except more hints and suspicions.

Show it to us!

Hints and suspicions alone, however prolonged  and repeated, are strictly masturbation: fine for the indulger but incapable of being shared or influencing others.   As the Archiving Summary said "Let Us See"  - if you've got evidence then don't hint of it, don't drown yourself in HTML, don't wrap its non-existence in thousands of words of blue-pencilled dross or impenetrable  Spanish Labyrinths, don't just call people cunts for wanting to see it,   but show it to us. That's all evidence is: show it to us. Otherwise you're on your own.

There is nothing to show. 
The last time we  stood, swaying, over the edge of the Cesspit, that positively Bilderberg Institute of research and hidden influence, the sense of enervation was overwhelming, as if they were struggling to stay awake in the presence of  the sewer gas. The statistics panel said it all: the  member numbers are listed as  8 000 plus, the peak daily poster numbers, many years ago now, in the hundreds.  The Number of members posting the other  evening? Six.
Dr Roberts, the well-known Wayback expert, has either been assassinated by Gamble  or been muted by Pat Brown's  killer squad, so limp is his silence; Only In America, the pensioner's weekly, has succumbed, apparently, to senility as well as Tourette's and starvation; Textusa appears to be saying that her blog is ending. Or not. Or maybe. Who knows? Starvation strikes people in different ways.  The Madeleine McCann support website looks, and reads, like a neglected cemetery.  And, strikingly, what we called the 30/40 club, the core of troubled, sometimes compromised, abduction fanatics whose numbers remained the same from 2008 until Amaral's victory, is down almost to single figures, with whole weeks passing without a post.
All the people mentioned, and the McCanns themselves, have hope that things will improve in their favour. Not a chance, chums.  People, good or bad,  need hope but the Bureau's analysis and conclusion since 2011, if it is correct - and time has convinced us that it is - means that there isn't the slightest hope as far as the known claims of either side are concerned: you can't produce something from an empty cupboard. Show it to us. 
The cupboards are empty for good: the claims are just claims. The magic of time, as the Bureau has said before, is in fact the magic of truth, for time washes away falsity but leaves the truth untouched, like rocks emerging from the tide.   
Ask Grange, whose  shelves are bulging.