Monday 30 April 2018

And then there were none

Madeleine McCann parents Kate and Gerry ‘warned by cops not to talk about missing daughter’ on 11th anniversary of disappearance - Sun

And so to Tracey  and that little piece in the Sun.
Groundling: [angrily] The great Blacksmith who accuses us of depending on newspaper stories and then quotes one!
Yes, yes, of course you’re right. Where were we?  
Ah, Tracey. After gradually gnawing away at the perimeter guards – Jane Tanner’s dark-skinned stranger abruptly banished from the face of the earth, JT herself now strictly incommunicado, location unknown, the rest of the Seven, now also unwilling to talk publicly about how Rong and Ridiculous Grange’s dismissal of their timeline is – you might wonder if Grange is leaving the parents a little isolated.
No, no, of course not. They are not suspects or persons of interest and have not a tea-stain on their characters. Still, their informal spokespeople, the famous Mr Friend and his chum Mr Pal, all otherwise known as Clarence Mitchell, tell us that  the parents have been banned by the Yard from publicly discussing the case, or “specifically advised not to” as Mr Pal describes it.  
So, as Grange enters its final stages, every one of the Tapas Nine has at last been silenced and  the horrific farce of the media being used to bypass or influence the normal legal route  Expunge it! being the words of the then head of the McCanns’ criminal defence team for the policy –  has, it seems,  come to an end after ten years.
We shall see whether Mitchell thinks he can get round it. It will be tough because anything he says from now on about the case will mean either a) he is inventing things without authority from the parents or b) the parents are knowingly breaching the new requirements of the Yard. Since Mitchell is a mentally exhausted shell who has contributed nothing but his contact list to the team for at least three years he is unlikely to be up for the challenge.
But quite why Grange should be enforcing public silence on nine people who are accused of nothing and are not persons of interest is very strange. We're not even sure it's legal. So why have they all agreed to be bound?  They ought to go to the court of Human Rights.
Roll on Grange.