Saturday 9 June 2018

Progress Report

We began highlighting the four-year-long attempts to sabotage or discredit the UK investigation into the fate of Madeleine McCann in late March, and we’re very pleased indeed with events since then.
A lot of rowing back has been going on.The absurd Purple Woman story, which had been in and out of the news since November last year, has fallen to pieces. It was an act of desperation by a team that is not only losing the battle but which has lost its previous touch for implanting fake stories  in the MSM without too grossly overstepping the mark.
This time their use of tired and wilting fictions – getting the tabloids to quote “a source”, or a “source close to the investigation” to give credibility to completely false stories, getting a “friend of the McCanns” to respond to the stories before they had even  been published – went too far.
Not only did the liars claim that Grange was all over Europe searching for this key witness but they made the very serious, and completely untrue, statement that this stage-farce junk was the famous “last lead”, referred to on the record by Scotland Yard officers. And then they watched while the story was folded into the “don’t give Grange any more money” stories of 2018.
Too far. It was always going to come one day. The Yard has been very careful, not to say over-careful, in its responses to the team deceptions over the years. Perhaps this time it acted. In April, Clarence Mitchell finally tried to distance the McCanns from these efforts with a highly unconvincing appeal for Grange to be left alone.

Common Sense Breaks Out

Since then there has been relative silence, not just from the MSM itself but from the previously noisy Usual Suspects whom the deception team had so successfully enlisted, one way and another but chiefly by exploiting their credulity, in their support. So the internet has been witnessing far fewer anti-Grange, anti-funding tweets and posts than previously.
M/S Pat Brown, the only one of these sources to call herself a professional, and who advertises her consultancy services to law-enforcement agents in the United States, has not, however, withdrawn her repeated and defamatory claim that 30+ corrupt police officers are working within Scotland Yard to abort operation Grange. Nor has she provided the evidence for such a claim.
It should be remarkably simple for her to do so, shouldn’t it? No truly professional criminology consultant would make the claim without evidence to hand. But no, nothing. One wonders whether the claim will be featured in future on her website list of qualifications and achievements; one wonders also whether its known existence is going to encourage US police forces to use the services she advertises there.
As for the others, well, it’s a free country. Evidence is the last thing we’re going to get, isn’t it? Asking for evidence from them is like waving a crucifix at a room full of vampires. We’ve never had it before and we won’t get it now.

It Gets Better

But the good news doesn’t end there. The transparent “appeal” from the discredited and somnolent Mitchell was followed by the very carefully worded news from that Friend of the McCanns that, well, er,  Gerry and Kate McCann had been asked to – how shall we put this – turn the f****** noise down, by none other than Scotland Yard. Now that was worth waiting for, it really was. A warm glow of satisfaction and pleasure suffused us and brought smiles of pure enjoyment to our cynical lips, and not for the first time this year.
Neither Mitchell nor the McCann couple, nor even a “friend” or a “close friend” of theirs, and most definitely not Scotland Yard,  want to release the actual words used to the pair by the police. Now why would that be?
And then we had that unclaimed orphan of stories, the Dr Totman junk, put up as what the information trade calls a “trial balloon”, a highly anonymous attempt to get people to show themselves.  It caused great  excitement in netland, since it was in the newspapers and therefore really mattered, but since it doesn’t fit in with the well-established  Usual Suspects’ view of the case (because, unlike the previous deception campaign stories, this one  wasn’t aimed at them) – it led to incoherence and confusion.
And above ground? The MSM dried to drip feed the Totman "story" for the next few days, its originators still hoping for a reaction, but the trial balloon failed to float. Now why would that be?

Goodies 1 Unknowns 0
Once again, the McCanns and Mitchell had nothing to say and nor did the Yard. And, once again, nor did Jane Tanner. The Bureau had been telling the Suspects and their followers  for months - not from secret sources but from simply analysing the known on-the-record statements of the Yard - that none of them are going to talk because doing so will give away too much. And none of them want that,  for very different reasons.  So why  are the researchers  so puzzled? Still, there are always those trusty standbys in a free country, the dogs and a ten year old photograph: they'll go on running and running to the end.
Anyway, there we are, the best few months since Goncalo Amaral won his case, perhaps even better. For the moment the theme remains welcome quietness.